Signature Kitchen Suite - Caves à vin

Separate temperature zones.

The Signature Kitchen Suite wine cellars offer 3 zones (61 cm model) or 2 zones (46 cm model) with adjustable temperature and humidity. Each zone has a dedicated evaporator and dividing barriers that allow perfect cold-air circulation inside the appliance and in each zone, thus enabling the different settings to be maintained to optimally store different wines at the same time: for example, non-vintage Champagne and sparkling wines (6°C -10°C), sweet white wines (6°C – 8°C) full-bodied white wines or light reds (10°C – 13°C), aged reds (13° – 18°C), vintage port (18°C – 20°C). 

Two temperature, light and humidity zones.

Two independent temperature zones help maintain white and red wines at the right temperature to exalt their taste. The triple dark glass protects the wine from harmful UV rays, while humidity control brings it to optimal levels helping preserve wine quality and taste.

Armoire à vin à colonnes

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€ 1.449,00

NIS: 59,2x55,5x45,90

1 T° zone



€ 8.609,00

NIS: 450x2150

1 T° zone



€ 9.819,00

NIS: 600x2150


2T° zone


Structure de l'entreprise

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